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31 maj 2017
01 cze 2017
Kręgielnia w pobliżu Katowic Guaranteed fun for just
60 PLN/h during the week
Kręgielnia w Gliwicach Any idea for a perfect evening? It's bowling time :)
Sala weselna Gliwice 4 professionally prepared tracks
PRICES: mon. to thu. 60 PLN / fri. to sun. 80 PLN.
OPENING HOURS: mon.-thu. 16.00-22.00 / fri. 16.00-01.00 / sat. 16.00-01.00 / sun. 14.00-22.00

It's bowling time

You still can't find an idea for a great evening? Bowling at the Malinowski Business*** Hotel guarantees satisfaction of every moment spent with us.

923/5000 Bowling is an increasingly popular entertainment in our country. It's a great way to spend the evening with family or friends. Bowling is a pastime for people of all ages: children, adolescents and adults love it. Bowling is a great alternative to other forms of entertainment, because it integrates, helps relieve stress and provides a dose of healthy, friendly competition. Bowling is a sport that does not require special skills. Thanks to its simplicity, the bowling game has millions of followers around the world. Interestingly, bowling is one of the oldest known games in the world. Bowling was popular in ancient Egypt. Bowling is entertainment for almost everyone, regardless of his age and fitness. Over time, when skills are more perfect, bowling and staying on the bowling track become even more fascinating.

Malinowski BUSINESS hotel*** in Gliwice has a fully equipped bowling center with professional bowling lanes. Stayng in a hotels bowling center in Gliwice is a guarantee of exciting fun, nice and relaxed atmosphere and a high standard of service. Time spent on our bowing tracks in Gliwice will definitely not be lost.

Our bowling

In our bowling center there are 4 modern bowling lanes, fully equipped and professionally prepared for playing bowling. In comfortable lodges you can have a good time resting after a hard time on the bowling track. Near the tracks of our hotel bowling alley in Gliwice, there are tables where you can enjoy tasty snacks served by Portowa restaurant.

Taking care of the youngest and beginner bowling players, we offer a bowling track equipped with a band lock system, thanks to which each ball always hits the target.

Our bowling alley is open to both groups and individuals. We strongly recommend bowling in the Malinowski Business*** hotel in Gliwice. Playing bowling on our bowling track is a guarantee of a successful evening. We invite you to our bowling alley, whole families, groups of friends, as well as individuals. You can make interesting acquaintances and meet new friends on the bowling track.

Have fun and enjoy your stay

Malinowski family


Sweetness tables - Candy bars complement each celebration. Sweet, beautiful and delightful. Delicate meringues, cookies and lollipops with frosting, fruit tarts, colorful cupcakes, candy buffets and much more. It is a sweet alternative to traditional cakes and desserts that can surprise your guests.

Are you missing an idea for wedding attractions? A sweet buffet is the perfect solution to provide guests with additional attractions and diversify the classic wedding menu. Beautifully made sweets please the eyes of wedding guests, pamper the palate and stay in your memories for a long time. Sweetness tables emphasize the solemnity of the ceremony and the leitmotif associated with it.

Candy bar for the occasion of birthdays, christenings or communions is a great idea for both children and adults. Indescribable reactions and delight of children.

ORDERS OF CAKES AND CANDY BARS: Bakery-Confectionery SABA Gliwice +48 (32) 305-30-52 Orders

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